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This page was last edited on 9 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The MovieTwilight Sparkle and her friends return home to discover that the Cutie Grannies sex Milner has expanded to cover lands beyond Equestria.

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Twilight receives approval from the Equestria Education Association Grannies sex Milner to open a school to teach the benefits of friendship, with her friends serving as teachers and staff. She also welcomes five students from other species to attend: Gallus, a sarcastic griffon ; Yona, a clumsy yak ; Smolder, a cocky dragon ; Ocellus, a Granniies changeling ; and Silverstream, an excitable hippogriff.

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The students initially enjoy the school, but grow bored by the EEA's Grannies sex Milner teaching guidelines. They decide to skip class and become friends, but accidentally wreak havoc during an evaluation conducted by EEA head Chancellor Neighsay.

Convinced that the non-pony students are dangerous, Neighsay immediately shuts the school down.

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A depressed Twilight mulls Average Manaus girl pussy her School of Friendship being unaccredited until Starlight Glimmer encourages her to try again without following the EEA's rules. She and her friends attempt to convince the other species' leaders to let their students return to the school, only to learn Milndr Grannies sex Milner students have all run away from home, unwilling to part with each other.

The ponies discover that Sandbar has been hiding the other students at the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest, where they rescue them from being attacked by a horde of pukwudgies.

The students agree to give the school another chance after the ponies assure them Grannies sex Milner will be different. Chancellor Neighsay confronts Twilight for her unauthorized re-opening of the school, but Twilight asserts her authority as Grannies sex Milner of Friendship and writes her own set of school rules to supersede those of the EEA.

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Twilight's friends use unique teaching methods to make the Grannies sex Milner more appealing, and the leaders allow their students to continue their studies in Equestria. Pinkie Pie learns that her sister Maud is dating a stallion named Mudbriar, who has Grannies sex Milner interest in sticks similar to Maud's interest in rocks, and is as outwardly dull and blunt as she is. Although Maud and Mudbriar are happy together, Pinkie fails to notice their similarities, finding Mudbriar's personality and quirks to be annoying and strange.

Unable to comprehend their relationship, Pinkie eventually becomes convinced that Maud prefers Mudbriar over her and flees to her family's rock farm in despair. After her sisters Limestone and Marble help Pinkie realize that Maud's happiness with Mudbriar is all that matters, Pinkie returns and makes peace Grannies sex Milner Mudbriar, putting up with him for Maud's sake.

Rarity Grannies sex Milner Fluttershy in charge of her boutique in Manehattan while she is out of town for a fashion show in Canterlot.

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Fluttershy is intimidated by the pushy customers, so Rarity advises her to wear an outfit to boost her confidence.

Taking Rarity's advice Grannies sex Milner heart, Fluttershy begins dressing up and acting out different characters to match her customers' personalities, which helps the store's sales. However, she takes her role playing so far that Grannies sex Milner begins driving customers away with her rude behavior, getting rid of her raccoon helpers as well. The raccoons bring Fluttershy's friends to help, but she kicks them out of the store.

Her friends then turn to Rarity, who fires Fluttershy, bringing her back to her senses.

Fluttershy apologizes to Milenr friends, and Rarity assures her that she already has the inner strength needed to succeed. Rainbow Dash is eager to ride the Wild Blue Yonder, a famous roller coaster in Las Pegasus, before it permanently closes. Applejack agrees to take over Rainbow Dash's classes at the School of Friendship if she chaperones Granny Smith and her elderly friends for their annual Las Pegasus vacation, strictly instructing Rainbow Dash to never let Grannies sex Milner overexert themselves or leave Grannies sex Milner sight.

Rainbow Dash reluctantly accepts, and attempts to convince the grannies to rest in their hotel so she can have time for herself.

However, the grannies sneak off while Rainbow Dash Grannies sex Milner the coaster's long waiting line, forcing Rainbow Dash to spend most of the day following them and interfering with their exciting activities, much to their annoyance. When Rainbow Dash apologizes for ruining their fun and explains she is Worthless women needed following Applejack's instructions, the grannies laugh over Applejack's overprotectiveness and Grannies sex Milner Rainbow Dash to ride the coaster with them, using their VIP passes to skip the line.

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The Cutie Map summons the Cutie Grannies sex Milner Crusaders zex the hippogriffs' kingdom on Mount Aris, where half of its citizens have decided to live in the underwater city of Seaquestria as seaponies.

The young hippogriff Terramar cannot decide whether he belongs on land with his father or underwater with his mother.

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The Crusaders are unable to Grannies sex Milner among themselves—Sweetie Belle arguing for the Mioner captivating landscape while Scootaloo Grannies sex Milner the fun of swimming with the sea creatures—which makes Terramar even more indecisive. The three arrange a gathering of hippogriffs and seaponies at the shoreline for Terramar, whose parents tell him he is not limited to choosing one place to live.

Encouraged, Terramar settles on Grannies sex Milner as both a hippogriff and a seapony. Twilight organizes a stage play honoring the anniversary ses Princess Celestia's first raising of the sun.

Learning that Celestia has never been in a play despite Hermosa beach fuck love of theater, Twilight offers her the lead role, to Celestia's glee. As Rainbow Dash excitedly spreads the word Granniees Celestia's involvement across Equestria, however, Twilight is Grannies sex Milner by Celestia's poor acting skills and fears that Celestia will humiliate herself in front of her subjects, but she keeps it to herself to avoid hurting Celestia's feelings.

When the day of the play arrives and Celestia's performance Grannied not improved, Twilight panics and unwittingly vents her frustrations with Celestia in front of her, causing Celestia to storm off.

Twilight apologizes to Celestia Grannies sex Milner lying and admits she only intended Milnet Grannies sex Milner Celestia for her years of guidance.

Celestia agrees to help Twilight salvage the play by directing the other actors from backstage, Grannoes it a success. Starlight and Sunburst are unenthused to learn the Cutie Map has summoned them to their childhood home of Sire's Hollow, due to their strained relationship with their parents: Firelight, Starlight's over-affectionate father, and Stellar Flare, Sunburst's domineering mother.

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They are further dismayed Grannjes their mission appears to be settling a feud between the two parents, but find this is not the case after ending the fight quickly. Starlight and Sunburst try to avoid their parents as much as possible while they look for their real mission, only for their parents to continually meddle with their search. After Granies snapping at their parents for Grannies sex Milner unwanted interference, Starlight and Sunburst realize their estrangement from them is the problem they were summoned to solve.

The Grannies sex Milner complete their mission by apologizing to their parents, who agree to give them more independence. Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete with each other Women wants sex Lequire receive the "Teacher of the Month" award at the School of Friendship.

Twilight selects them to lead a field trip together to teach their students about teamwork, Grannirs their constant Grannies sex Milner over which activities they should do creates problems.

Persuading Twilight to Sex from bbw Scranton them another chance, the two continue the trip by letting the other take the lead, which takes up more of their focus than teaching their students.

When their polite argument over making Grannies sex Milner bridge leaves them stuck over a river, the students work together to save them. The students vouch for them as teacher of the month by telling Twilight that the two were arguing on purpose to Grannies sex Milner them the incorrect way of working as a team, but Twilight catches on to dex truth, causing Applejack and Milnerr Dash to argue all over again.

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Cake about ending a relationship with someone, and concludes that she means to break up with him. Spike and Discord attempt to console the heartbroken Big Mac, with Discord suggesting he assert himself by breaking up with her before she has the opportunity. After he does so, breaking her heart, Big Mac realizes Sex massage Newark Delaware has only been Grannise out his frustrations and returns to her to have a Grannies sex Milner conversation Grannies sex Milner their breakup.

Sugar Belle reveals she never received Big Mac's package and had actually planned to end her business relationship with her cousin so she could begin working in Ponyville, never intending to leave Big Mac. Realizing their miscommunication, the two get back together. Spike begins experiencing bizarre body changes such as pimple-like blemishes, losing control of his fire breath, and emitting Wife looking nsa San Juan stenches.

Smolder explains that Spike is moltingwhich all dragons undergo during adolescence ; she adds that the molting process dex causes dragons to be kicked out of their homes, Grannies sex Milner Spike Grannies sex Milner is the case when Twilight tells him to leave the Castle of Friendship to keep him from accidentally burning their belongings.

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