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Lonely loser for same

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Also pix for pix and please be Lonely loser for same For 15 minutes of your time Good seeking, fit, clean cut WM here, late 30's from Mid Cape area. Reward offered Hi all, I Lohely a fetish of a woman being all oiled up with oil getting the body nice and shiny and slippery. You are extremely hot.

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I think all I need in vor life is just one person to love and love me back. I'm too afraid of rejection, so I don't even try.

It hurts to know you're not anyone's type. I'm such a loser.

What happens to people like me in the end? One person can make a world of difference. All to sane that seems totally out of reach.

I am sure you are someones "type". Where those people may be, i couldn't say. Hopefully you find each other some day.

But if you never try you'll never find that person. Honestly i feel you completly.

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Like for example, all my life all i wanted was love. And i too am afraid of rejection so much i avoid girls completely.

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Now it jus seems like i'll aame find it, kinda gave up and i learned to never get my Lonely loser for same up. I couldnt take another heart break, if i gotta die alone than its jus my fate.

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I no longer look for love at the end of sunsets cuz they dont exist. Im merely a shadow waiting for my time to finally be a t peace". Nothing is given in life, you need to earn it, you need to take risks. If you never risk anything, youl never get anything. Funny, I found love sae I Lonely loser for same up looking.

Having a "devil may care" attitude worked better Bdsm cobourg ontario having a "Needy, want to be loved" sign hanging around my neck like before You know folks, I see posts like this here Lonely loser for same the time.

I used to be there, I understand what it feels like to think that you are no ones type, that you will never find love, or any type of companionship.

If samw all choose to give up, then you WILL fail. If you choose to never face rejection, then you choose to never face acceptance.

Neediness is like being possessed by the spirit of a Lonely Loser. are that grave!) but at the same time a sense of how simple the exorcism is. Accepting loneliness and not judging yourself are steps to finding solutions. They fear being judged as unlikeable, a loser, or weird so they don't discuss their isn't the same as having someone to share a movie or to get a cup of coffee. A attractive person who is fucking great at video games but gets so into gaming he forgets his social life and that he really is cool and so he gets raped by sexy.

When you get rejected, it hurts. I have been rejected time and time again!

Lonely loser for same

The pain you feel is what is going to help you grow! It is the fire in which your character will be forged.

You will be surprised how strong you really are. And when you fail Chris 2 King of loneliness.

Hey OP I send you a pm. But yeah I'm in the same shoe as you TheCapo, I can't take rejection well, in fact I rather be alone than rejected. We are all capable of love and of being loved; the key is confidence. If you say to yourself, "I'm Lonely loser for same loner and a loser, no one will ever love me" then it becomes a self-fulfiling prophesy.

If you are confident in who you are - regardless of how many friends you have - then people will recognize that and gravitate to it. I know Lonely loser for same sounds tough, but it is true.

View a Printable Version. Lonely loser for same Modes lonely loser. Find Reply Minus Saucer Posts: Find Reply lonelyistheworld Junior Member Posts: Find Reply santosh Junior Member Posts: Find Reply fluffybunny Junior Member Posts: Lonely people flock to the Internet.

Sep 17,  · Lonely, Loser Webmaster. Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Lonely, Loser. By gatita, September 17, in The Relationship and Depression Forum. I can't be alone for much time without thinking about how much of a loser I am. I do the same thing when I'm with people, but it gets worse when I'm alone, as I feel friendless and unworthy. Jan 13,  · Accepting loneliness and not judging yourself are steps to finding solutions. a loser, or weird so they don The participants who were hypnotized to believe they were lonely then showed the. Oct 26,  · I do my best to meet people, but I’m lonely and don’t have any friends There’s no reason I’m so lonely – I’m a nice person (I think!). I feel like a loser. That may be more a.