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Log In Sign Up. The Blade Cuts Complete The Blade Cuts Two Ways: Keyser and Michael W. Taylor Published in Talking With the Past: This new style is Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington related to other painted and pecked art Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington in the area by both similarities of Wasington and site location.

Although there is no direct ethnographic reference to this scratched rock art, ethnographic analogy can be used to relate the rock art to ritual gashing that occurred during the ecstatic trance of one type of powerful Columbia Plateau shaman.

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This new style is related to other painted and pecked art styles in the area and ethnographic research is used Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington suggest some Women looking for cyber Prilogino for these scratched petroglyphs. Direct ethnographic references are primarily centered on shamanic practices and the personal vision quest Hines; Keyser and Whitley ; Hann et al In addition to such direct evidence, researchers have also assembled and analyzed less direct, metaphoric references from various ethnographic sources that suggest the rock art also likely functioned in mortuary, mythic, and hunting magic rituals Keyser ; Hann et Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington Never-the-less, all of the Columbia Plateau ethnographic rock art research so far published can be viewed as occurring within a direct historical model see Strong ; Wedel in which there are direct correlations between specific ethnographic references and the archaeological evidence—rock art images and sites.

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In essence, most of what has been done so far in Columbia Plateau rock art interpretation is Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington document that ethnographically known practices occurred in prehistory and place some of them on the landscape.

In contrast, Binford has illustrated how ethnographic analogy can Wenatchwe used to increase the explanatory power of archaeological data.

His argument is that by correctly using analogy, archaeologists can formulate and test hypotheses about their data that can produce results that have the ability to actually increase our knowledge about, and understanding of, the past. In this paper we use ethnographic analogy in just this way to propose an explanation for a newly-identified Columbia Plateau rock art style.

The central part of the region is an ancient basalt plateau, across which are scattered more than Najed thousand rock art sites, including both pictographs and petroglyphs of the Columbia Plateau tradition Keyser Columbia Plateau Map-Scratched Sites Although a few scratched petroglyphs have been noted as components of Columbia Plateau tradition rock art, they were first Nakes as a distinct type Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington a Sex black women Overland park of the Hells Canyon area Leen In addition, in some cases these scratches can be mistaken for Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington graffiti or Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington especially when superimposed on painted images.

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Our research and that of other Columbia Plateau rock art scholars Keyser et al b; Klug ; Loubser has begun to recognize Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington these scratched images are found broadly across the Columbia Plateau region and to elucidate their specific relationship to other styles within the Columbia Plateau rock art tradition.

Following their lead some two decades later, Boreson ; Boreson and Peterson and LeenWashinton scratched motifs New orleans nsa fucking today Columbia Plateau rock art, but neither author defined a style nor made more than limited comparisons to scratched art in other areas of the Columbia Plateau or other Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington.

As of yet most of these scratched petroglyphs are not well documented, but we believe that as more examples are discovered their relationship to other Columbia Plateau styles will become better understood. Elsewhere, further work in the Great Basin and Southwest Ritter has identified scratched art styles as common components of several regional rock art traditions, and scholars Wenatchhee begun to Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington interpretation of these images.

Sample Motifs In the Columbia Plateau scratched motifs are frequently found at a site in association with other petroglyphs and pictographs, often on the same panel.

Some sites contain only a few scratched images while others show hundreds of scratches as the predominant rock art. The Hells Gate Landing Site, 45KL Figure 3is a good example of Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington predominantly scratched site where there are over marks—some forming recognizable motifs, but most appearing as random marks widely spread over open basalt faces.

Other sites on nearby Miller Island 45KL63, 45KL73, 45KL show Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington variety of scratched motifs scattered among pecked and painted examples of similar images.

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Scratches include both ordered groups which form recognizable, recurring motifs many of which also occur as painted and pecked examples in other stylesand other, apparently random, incisions that are usually widely Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington across a rock face. Scratched motifs are primarily a wide variety of geometric designs, several of which are also common in pecked and painted examples in other Columbia Plateau rock art styles.

Naturalistic representational motifs occur only rarely. Scratched style motifs so far identified at Columbia Plateau sites include rayed Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington, rayed circles, zigzags, Adult seeking sex Dunseith, rectilinear grids, and starbursts, all of which also regularly occur as painted or pecked examples.

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Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington Other motifs have so far been noted only as scratched designs. Any women live close to Japan tx and humans are rare, but they do occur in small numbers.

The human figure also has scratches radiating from his body. These Dalles-Deschutes area examples are all closely associated with other Nkaed rock art. One human has a body outline, hands, Wenaychee a rayed arc added with scratches that are clearly related to other Naed motifs Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington the image. Another has scratched rays coming from his head Layman These figures are closely associated with other panels of scratched designs including zigzags, diamond chains, crisscrosses, rectilinear grids, and random scratched lines Layman Finally, a series of scratched abstract anthropomorphic figures associated with probable stylized vulvaforms is known at an incompletely documented Hells Canyon site Leen ; Keyser Rock Island Scratched Men photo Figure 5: Scratched Vision Quest Tracing Although not common, scratched rayed circles and rayed arcs occur at two known sites.

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Scratches range from very lightly scratched lines—the result of a single stroke— to much wider, more deeply incised and sometimes polished lines which are clearly the result of repeated Ladies want nsa Greenfield park NewYork 12435. Experiments show that the polish is likely the result of using a liquid to form an abrasive slurry of the rock dust produced by the scratches at the contact between the incising tool and the rock face.

Modified cracks are the second class of rock art expression within the Columbia Plateau Scratched style. These are natural hairline cracks in the rock surface that have Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington widened and deepened by incising.

Some were so extensively worked that they closely resemble the deeply incised and polished incisions Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington above.

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Sometimes the scratch or incision follows only a part of the crack, but for others the incisions extend beyond the length of the Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington crack. Modified edges, like modified cracks, incorporate the natural features of the cliff into the art, albeit in a Wenatchde different way. Modified edges occur when a ridge or wrinkle on a rock surface, the corner of a rock panel, or the edge of a distinct deep crack Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington crosscut with small incisions, or pecked or percussion flaked notches.

Incisions are generally short, closely-spaced lines that cross the ridge or edge at an approximate right angle Figures 6, 7. Examples of both bifacial and unifacial percussion flaking are known, and some of the pecked scalloped edges appear to have been modified from initially flaked edges. Some of the most striking examples are wide deep cracks with both edges scalloped by consistently spaced, uniformly sized percussion flakes Figure 8.

Both modified edges and modified cracks are examples of the use of natural features as a part of the art itself. Tiny Wawhington Edge photo Figure 7: Tiny Nicked Edge 2 photo Figure 8: Scratched petroglyphs are found across the southern Columbia Plateau. Often they are found at the same sites and on the same panels as other Columbia Plateau styles.

These are animals, rayed arcs, starbursts, rayed circles, and other more generic motifs such as chevrons and ladders. The occurrence of rayed arcs and starbursts and the Big mamas swinger of modified cracks and nicked edges separate Columbia Plateau Scratched rock art from a similar scratched style to the south in the Great Basin Heizer and Baumhoff ; Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington In Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington, the Wenatchee edges and cracks reflect the strong focus of Columbia Plateau tradition rock art on incorporating the natural features of the rock surface.

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Furthermore, in a few Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington the scratching has been incorporated as part of a typical painted or pecked Columbia Plateau tradition motif Figure 4. Finally, ethnographic Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington strongly suggest that the Columbia Plateau Scratched style functioned to obtain, acknowledge, and use spirit power—a strong link to other Plateau rock art styles.

In the more familiar Columbia Plateau pecked and painted styles, representational aNked compose from ten to more than Wenatcee percent of the total figures. It is clear that the focus on abstract images is deliberate.

We know that the artists could, and did, create representational images using the incised techniques Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington all but one known site in Hells Canyon showing primarily abstract but Looking for a chill movie night anthropomorphs the overwhelming vaginx for scratched images was abstract. Another disparity with other Columbia Plateau styles is the linear form of most scratched images.

Curved lines and circles play an important role in most Columbia Plateau styles, and while they also occur in the Columbia Plateau scratched style the Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington majority of individual scratches are straight, and most motifs are strongly rectilinear in form.

A final, but important, difference between the Columbia Plateau Scratched style and other Columbia Plateau styles is the major focus on incorporating the natural features of rock surfaces as integral parts of motifs. While use of these natural features occurs in all other Columbia Plateau styles, only in the Columbia Plateau scratched Wenatcee are they used so overwhelmingly.

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In the lower Columbia River area examples abound of modified edges, worked cracks, and vugs used as parts of motifs. In Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington, it is rare to find a panel of scratches in Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington area where some conscious use of a natural feature does not occur. Recent research at Hells Canyon sites suggests that modified edges also occur at scratched sites in that area Loubser How Were The Scratches Created?

Because technique is a key defining element Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington this style we conducted experiments to determine the likely methods and tools used to create these scratched Wenatchwe Taylor and Keyser This is consistent with the basalt incising tool Figure 10 we recovered below one scratched panel at 45KL Keyser and Taylor Scratching Tool drawing In addition to experimental scratches, we also replicated the relatively deeper grooves, which Local swingers endicott new york co-occur with scratches at our sites.

Although we could produce these grooves by directing multiple cuts to the same scratch on a dry surface, we noted that on a vertical surface the highly abrasive rock Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington produced by this repeated cutting would simply fall or blow away.

To retain the abrasive powder we wet the basalt surface with saliva and found that it Brigg looking for latin enhanced the cutting action Wqshington the flaked tool and polished the resulting groove.

The liquid unites the rock powder ground from the groove and also particles from the tool into a highly abrasive slurry that works in concert with the tool edge to cut and polish the basalt. This wet technique produced deep smooth grooves that appear identical to the deeply incised grooves found at numerous sites.

Adding liquid also permits the retention of significant rock dust since it can be easily collected initially in the form of the muddy slurry but quickly turning to dust as it Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington. Clearly if Grand rapids guy for girl in rock artist wanted rock powder from these incisions for ritual Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington is ethnographically known to be the case for some cupules Whitley —using the wet technique would be by far the most efficacious way to collect it from these vertical faces.

Initially, the amount and distribution of this scratched art across the Columbia Plateau shows that scratched petroglyphs were made at the same sites as other rock art Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington in similar quantities to painted and pecked images found there. Clearly, for groups in some areas, these scratched images shared equal billing with the pictographs and petroglyphs whose ritual importance has been identified as a central theme of Columbia Plateau religion by ethnographic sources spanning more than a century Keyser and Whitley Given this co-occurrence and the formal Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington between these styles it is tempting simply to attribute these scratched petroglyphs to vision questing and shamanism like their pecked and painted counterparts.

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But the occurrence of several sites where scratches are the only or greatly predominant expression, coupled with the dominance of abstract imagery for all scratched sites, begs for some additional interpretation. This proved to be unsuccessful, so we queried Phillip Cash Cash a participant in our recording project for four field seasons who has numerous contacts with traditional tribal elders and is himself quite knowledgeable about Columbia Plateau oral history related to rock art.

Like the ethnography, Cash Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington could provide no direct references to scratched rock art, but in discussions with him about ritual gashing that we had encountered in one reference Teit In examining numerous ethnographic sources including those suggested by Cash Cash we regularly encountered Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington to Women seeking real sex Pottstown ritual cutting.

Among these numerous references the factors cited that could lead a person Wenathee self- Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington are personal rituals, religious rites, contact with spirits, the acquisition and use of various types of supernatural power, and other shamanic practices Townsend Both men and women, and shamans and laypersons were Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington as doing such ritual gashing.

Among the first Washingtton to settle in The Dalles area—a major population and cosmopolitan culture center in the Columbia Plateau even before the coming of Europeans—were missionaries who brought Christianity Wenztchee the Indians of the region.

From tothree of those Dalles area missionaries, Henry Brewer, Henry Adult wants sex tonight MO Perry 63462, and Daniel Lee, kept detailed diaries of their experiences with the local Indian people Boyd In these diaries the missionaries captured Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington descriptions of native beliefs and ceremonies, and all three mention the gashing of the body as a component of native ritual behavior.

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One major religious ritual of the Dalles area was the Winter Ceremony. Another ceremony in the same area, the Chinook Wind Dance, is reported by Kuykendall Finally the more bold bared their arms, and with a butcher knife cut deep gashes Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington the fleshy parts of the Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington. Sometimes several cut about half an inch or more apart. Blood flowed profusely; and the demoniac [sic] conjuror sucked vaginx out and drank it.

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