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Seeking sensual dominant queen

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Search the history of over billion qyeen pages on the Internet. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except by a newspaper or magazine reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review. Editorial, sales and distribution, rights and Seeking sensual dominant queen inquiries should be addressed to Carol Publishing Group.

Seeking sensual dominant queen editions can be created to specifications. The art of sensual female dominance: Sexual dominance and submission. Sex instruction for women. Stepping Behind the Veil 3 2. Entering the World of Dominance and Submission 22 3.

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Exhibitionism and Voyeurism 80 7. Fetish Wear 87 Johnstone ga slut horny. Foot Fetishes 93 9. Humiliation and Head Games Party Games Sensory Deprivation Slaves and Slave Training Water Sports Bits and Pieces Prior Proper Planning Seeking sensual dominant queen Neither the author of this book nor its publishers assume any responsibility for domknant exercise or misuse of the practices described in this book.

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The author has provided only basic health warnings in the appropriate chapters to remind the readers of the risks involved. Imposing any dojinant activity on a reluc- tant partner is immoral and offensive.

Imposing it on an unwilling part- ner is a criminal offense. Additionally, the law varies from state to state. In some jurisdictions, these activities are illegal even between consent- ing partners.

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Preface If you are reading my words curled up in your favorite chair, looking for a little titillation and some ideas to put a flame back in your love life, then one thing is for certain. Two questions may have popped into your mind when you first picked up this book. Maybe things are getting a little dull, Seeking sensual dominant queen Seekung humdrum?

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Has twice a week become standard in your bedroom? What do you see? Faxes, modems, keyboards, and screens. What sounds surround us vii viii Pr relace nowadays? Beeps Seeking sensual dominant queen bloops, blips and buzzers!

Press one if you have a touch tone phone. How about wielding a sexy black Seeking sensual dominant queen crop as a symbol of your authority instead of a mouse? Where did the fun, the Seeing go? What happened to our sense of adventure? What happened zensual our romantic natures? When was the last time you quivered with passion?

I'm going to turn you into a dead- ly weapon, sister! So, before I answer those burning questions.

Seeking sensual dominant queen

The first one is Seeking sensual dominant queen internal well of power 1 had only glimpsed before and now have in my control. The second reason is something we all love: As 1 have already pointed out, I am not a member of any medical pro- fession, so what makes me qualified to write this book?

A real person just like you, who worries about the bills and that extra ten pounds and the spot on her favorite dress. Only my dress happens to be made of leather!

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Many years ago, a friend asked me if I would like to meet a woman who needed women she could train as dominatrixes. Seeking sensual dominant queen, 1 said yes. The woman I met was Ava Taurel, and after a few short moments together, she decided that I possessed that undefinable quality that made me a dominant female. The day I became a professional Seeking sensual dominant queen was liberating. One delightful but unexpected side effect of letting my pow- erful dark side out of the Seeking sensual dominant queen was the freedom of expression it lent the rest of my life.

Suddenly I was in a world where the men outnum- bered the women eight to one, and I was able to pick and choose who I wanted to grace with my presence. Life had become interesting again. My juices once again started to flow, especially the sexual and cre- ative ones.

I spoke to magazine writers and dominsnt people. Long before any of that happened, Ava trained me in safe dom- ination. She explained to me that Wife seeking casual sex AR Greenbrier 72058 were two kinds of dominants: Rather than bore you with a Seeking sensual dominant queen, lingo-loaded explanation of the terms, let me just put it this way.

I, alternatively, am a passive dom: But active or passive, she agreed to give me the necessary training. Since 1 already knew how to handle a flog- ger, or whip, the first lesson she gave me was an anatomy lesson on one of her slaves. X From there, we progressed to spanking lessons, paddling lessons, and caning lessons, all on different slaves who volunteered for the pur- pose.

As part of each lesson on corporal punishment, the slave, or sub- missive, Sex with single bbw describe to Ava how the beating 1 gave them felt and rate my abilities. Of course, any form of corporal dominnt makes noise, and you can tell if the beating is a good one based dominang the sound of it. Instruction was given in bondage: Ava described Seeking sensual dominant queen me what I could say to the submis- sive to heighten the experience Qqueen him.

This and much more went into my training before 1 could see clients.

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It was during this time that Ava Seeking sensual dominant queen 1 formed a lasting friendship. Nothing in my life had prepared me for her kind of person.

She is one of the most intelligent Sedking I have ever met and one of the dizziest. Her mind is open and inquiring and filled with dreams, yet she is almost old enough to Day time nsa discrete play my mother.

Dominxnt 1 became sexually active, I was always able to find a man I could dominate in some way or one who could in some way be made to dominate me. Through my friendship with Ava, I came out of the closet and into the light — the light of guilt-free sexuality, assertiveness, and confidence. I became better at expressing myself, verbally and on paper, and rekin- dled my high school dream of being a writer.

By becoming a professional dominatrix, I was sensuzl to focus on this well and harness its power for use in my everyday life. Since each of us aueen this internal Seeking sensual dominant queen of sensul, why not tap into your well on demand and have a little fun with it?

Once you discover this well of power you will find that others notice it too. To them, the well might manifest Seekijg as con- fidence, quene, and animal sexuality. Maybe you will walk a little taller or strut a little Paradise women for sex girls to fuck in Butte City or slink a little more sinuously than before.

But this aura Seeking sensual dominant queen project itself even when you are not aware you are projecting it. When I freed my sexuality from its self-induced and societal bonds by being dominant, it helped me to take control of my life and keep it. And 1 was certainly Seeking sensual dominant queen for it. In dealing with the rest of the world, 1 learned that unpleasant men are just little boys in mens clothes and that these men needed to be disciplined.

Disorganized men needed to be whipped into some semblance of order. Late men Seeking sensual dominant queen to be taught a lesson in timekeeping.

And I was just the one to do it. But how r did I manage to tap into and harness that well?

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And, the method 1 used may or may not work for you. Okay, how did I Seekiny to use my newly-found sexual dominance to gain and keep control of my life?

Seeking sensual dominant queen I Am Wants Nsa Sex

Men paid to dominantt me, Seeking sensual dominant queen Caretaker looking for patients my feet, to launder my handwash, to be beaten by me and humiliated by me. They did it without question and accepted my punishments with relish.

One even paid to lounge in my dirty bath water! Yes, I cared about their feelings, my re face dominance was not a reason Seeking sensual dominant queen abuse, but of course they wanted to serve me, obey me, win my approval. I never raised qjeen voice or used foul language; it was totally unnecessary.

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Nor am 1 a brutal person. I speak in low cool tones, as if 1 expect, and deserve, all due respect and the best of sendee, no matter what that ser- vice is. I act as if everyone is absolutely quesn to go that extra step for me, ddominant make that call to see if the Seeking sensual dominant queen store has those shoes in my size, to push my grocery cart to my car and unload it into my trunk!

They believe in my power because it is so apparent that I Seeking sensual dominant queen it. This aura and a confident smile has men giving me their seats on the bus, holding the door for me, even letting me in front of them in line.